Lab Assignment 3

Crossfades, Automation, and Using the Mixer


Content from Lab Assignment 1

Content from Lab Assignment 2

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Optional: Explore and the University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples repository for interesting samples

Review the following document from our course materials:


  1. Create a duplicate of your project from Lab Assignment 2. Rename the new copy “YourFirstNameYourLastName-Lab3”.
  2. Download a few interesting audio files from and/or the University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples repository. The content of the files is at your discretion, but they must be in an uncompressed format - this includes wav, aiff, Apple Lossless, FLAC or caf files. Mp3 or AAC are prohibited.
  3. Drag-and-Drop these new files onto new tracks in your Lab Assignment 3 project.
  4. For the remainder of the lab time, experiment with the three techniques listed in this assignment’s objectives. Your final submission at the end of today’s lab must include one example of each:
  • Crossfades
  • Using the Console (primarily volume and pan adjustments)
  • Volume and/or Pan Automation Look for intriguing ways to combine the sounds that you have collected so far - perhaps two audio files complement each other when their volumes are balanced a particular way, or a sound that sweeps across from the left to the right using pan automation is a dramatic introduction to a contrasting sound.
  1. When you are finished, submit your project using the procedure in the Basic Submission Instructions document.
  2. As always, save a backup copy on your personal storage media.