General Music Unit 1

General Music Unit 1

Basic Theory

Pitch (from a scientific perspective)

The overtone Series

Scales: C major, F major, G major

  • Solfege
  • Why 7 letters and 12 notes
  • Introduction to key signatures


  • Half steps and whole steps


  • Major triads
  • Minor triads

Intro to Reading and Writing Music



  • Staff (lines and spaces)
  • Treble Clef
  • Exercise: have students make their own acronyms for lines and spaces.
  • Have students import the midi file from a melody they like then learn to perform it based on the score. (have some go to examples that are easy) Use to visualize. Editing or extracting the melody may be necessary.
  • Basic dynamic and expression markings

Ear Training


Music and Science:

Theory Resources:

Notation Resources:

Online Digital Audio Workstations (DAW):