General Music Unit 3

General Music Unit 3

Advanced Theory


  • All 12 major and minor scales
    • modes of major scale
  • Symmetrical scales
    • Diminished
    • Whole tone
    • Augmented
    • Others
    • Introduction to 12 tone and atonal music
  • Intervals
    • All intervals within the octave including extensions (ie 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and alterations)


  • All major and minor seventh chords
  • Introduction to chord extensions
  • Chord progressions
    • Substitutions for common chord progressions
    • Secondary dominants and modulation
    • Circle of fifths continued
    • Examples of non-functional harmony
  • Advanced roman numeral analysis
    • Examples from classical, jazz and popular music

Advanced Reading and Writing Music


  • Combining eight notes, sixteenth notes and triplets, equivalent rests
  • Exercise:


  • Other clefs
  • Ledger lines continued
  • Double sharps, double flats and in-harmonic spelling

Advanced dynamic and expression markings

Introduction to graphic scores

Ear Training


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Theory Resources:

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