Notes on DAW instructions

Notes on DAW Instructions

Since all modern mainstream DAW software comes with sufficient documentation from the manufacturer, we have taken an approach that utilizes as much content from the official manuals as possible. This documentation can be supplemented as needed with additional online content, visual aids, in-class demonstrations, and more at the instructor’s discretion.

For this example course content based on PreSonus’ Studio One 3, small sections of the Studio One 3 Reference Manual have been duplicated, with proper attribution, in separate Markdown files. This allows for the implementation of links within assignment instructions to relevant documentation materials - that is, relative links that point to the corresponding Markdown files within our repository. This approach was taken due to the fact that the Studio One 3 Reference Manual is accessed through a viewer wth the actual Studio One application, rather than as a separate PDF file or online source.

Some DAWs, such as Apple’s Logic Pro X or Ableton’s Live 9, provide official documentation online. This allows for a simpler implementation of absolute links that point to the appropriate url and would likely reduce or eliminate the need for custom Markdown documentation.

PDF manuals can also be utilized using a combination of relative links and anchor links that point to a specific page within the document, provided that the PDF is included in the course repository.

For more information on implementing links in Markdown, please reference John Gruber’s Markdown Syntax Documentation.