Fundamentals Assignment 1

Learning Melody and Creating a Score From a MIDI File


  • Basic understanding of treble clef reading.
  • Basic understanding of keyboard orientation.

Review the following document from our course materials:

  • [Basic Submission Instructions](/sound-design/daw-instructions/basic-submission-instructions/)


  • Learn to read familiar melodies in treble clef.
  • Introduction to importing MIDI files.
  • Keyboard performance and orientation development.


  1. Search online and download a MIDI file for a song that you would like to learn to perform. (this song should have a recognizable melody)
  2. Open your a notation editor such as, create a new score.
  3. Import the downloaded MIDI file.
  4. Edit the MIDI file my deleting accompaniment so that only the melody remains.
  5. Learn to perform this melody with a midi controller by reading and listening to the score you have created. Be ready to perform this melody for your classmates.
  6. When you are finished, submit your project using the procedure in the [Basic Submission Instructions](/sound-design/daw-instructions/basic-submission-instructions/#submitting-a-song) document.
  7. As always, save a backup copy on your personal storage media.